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It almost reminds me of a DNA structure with the spiral going through it. I then start thinking "that's a crazy mix of colours" but then i start looking further into it and my own interests and curiosities come creeping out. I like to experiment with different application methods ( and just experimenting in general ) etc so i found myself looking and thinking "how'd he do that?". You can see the obvious 'strokes' but in terms of the different colours amongst each one of those strokes i'm sat here pondering how you'd get them to discreetly blend with each other without making the colours look too 'dirty', if that makes any sense?! Especially with the use of black alongside such clean, vibrant colours. In short, it caught my attention and kept it. One thing i would like to see is some white on there... there's some in the centre but it looks like that is the exposed canvas? For me, although i like a chaotic experimental piece, i also like to see some uniformity to each piece and so the use of white as a contrast to the black may be nice. One other thing to consider maybe are the edges.... they keep the eye drawn to the centre of the piece but for me it acts as too much of a border... i like to imagine what the work is doing off the canvas but a border stops that and restricts the imagery to whats in the centre of the canvas.... then again, each to their own and it's all personal preference... overall, i like it and i'm still pondering the application method :)

Thank you,the white in the center is actually the reflection of the light and yes what you were saying made a lot of sense about the technique that lets you blend the colors with out geting them dirty.Thank you,i apreciate it.

Ah i did wonder whether it might of been the light reflecting off once i'd written it. I have the same trouble with a lot of my paintings. They are quite glossy so even natural light reflects off when trying to document my work... can be quite a problem!

It reminds me of lava that is beginning to cool and ribbon candy at the same time. It's the shape/pattern and color choices that make me think of those things...the fire and brimstone colors with the cotton candy ones in a spiraling folding motion. Very cool effect. Scorchy-sweet. :)

Thanks :)



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