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I'm getting ready to take this out of its frame, and work on it some more. I'm not sure if it needs to be cropped for better design, the water needs work, and the color is off on the photo. The painting is a little bit more orange and muted. Please, looking for help with this.

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The sky is the problem. At this point don't look at the photo anymore. make the sky the least important thing. Fade the sky away.

Thank you, appreciate your thoughts. Will work some more on this piece, think the edges in the sky clouds need to be softened. Will post again.

The blue in the sky is to bright and vibrant for the way the clouds are making it seem, the clouds as well are to vibrant. As said above fade out the sky and make it the least important segment, it couldn't hurt to also make the leaves in the other trees seem more colored. The tree in the foreground suggests the season change but the tree's as you go back seem more like regular trees, just a small touch of color, very small touch of yellow or red maybe.

Thank you for your comment, Yeah I think you've got a point about the background trees, the sky I'm going to make a few adjustments, will repost again with my corrections. Thank you again.

This forum is awesome! I think its a great resource for us to get feedback on work and see what others are looking at in our work. Maureen, I can only speak for myself from my own perspective... I really like being able to see all of the pokes, scratches and and roughness in your pieces. I like the feeling of where this sky is going. I like how the water in the foreground feels a little more blurred to differentiate itself from the sky. I think if they both look the same it would lose some interest. My suggestions might include increasing the darks, lights and details within the foreground on each side. The trees on the left look a little flat, I would like to see a different texture treatment there? I'm not sure exactly what will work but I wouldn't crop anything, work with with you have. Do what feels right to you. You're awesome!

Thank you, for your insights, suggestions. I did'nt even know that people commented on this painting until just now. I'm going to work on it when I get a chance, and I'll repost it. See what you then. Thanks, again, I do appreciate the feedback too.

I don't know about dimming the sky. It's the subject of this, isn't it? I like the softness and lack of detail overall. But I think you can create a better illusion of depth.  Your greatest contrast, lights and darks, should be in the closest shore on the left. Your most distant hills should have the least color and contrast, and be the least dark.The midground values should be somewhere between the two. Hope that makes sense.


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