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Hi any and all who care to comment!  I've been working and reworking this painting for a little while. I thought it was done, but I never really got that "OK this is finished" feeling from the piece.  I do struggle with color, and I know its difficult to comment on abstract work, but any comments are welcome. Thank you for your time and thoughts :)

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Hello Anita,
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Thanks, Editor

Looks finished to me.  Having said that, I think we all experiece this.  Sometimes I call my work finished with I'm just to tired too continue with it.  Other times, I put it where I can look at it from time to time.  I have recently decided that I need to make a change in a painting I called finished 5 years ago.  You are the master.  I do notice that there is a "distressed" quality to the surface in some areas (mostly on the right) and not others.  Is this in the ground or is it painted on?  Or simply a product of light on the surface when you photographed it?

It is finished when you think it is. If you don't think it is stop working on it. Let it sit for weeks and then look at it again, and only work on it when you have that beautiful desire to paint.

Very good advice. Thank you!

looks finished 

one more cloud bleeding off the page upper or lower left !!! cool painting !!!

just needs a signiture


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