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Digital Photography processed and enhanced in Photoshop.

I am new to the site and anxious to eventually attempt to sell my work. I work in an array of mediums (still haven't found a favorite)

I'd appreciate any feedback-be it photoshop tricks, thoughts on overall image, any feedback of any kind would be appreciated. Thanks!

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One of the questions I always ask myself during the making process is 'Why?'. Why that color, why that form, etc. If I can't answer that question for myself honestly, I become suspect of the work. That's not to say that spontineity (sp?) isn't accepted, much of the good work has that as a central factor. Photoshop is a great tool and, yes, it's limits haven't been reached, I'm sure. I think one of the best utilities is the old eye doctor tool. You know, 'Is it better, now or before'. Good luck on the process.

Personally, I think the image is way too blurred and the image looks overworked.  If you left certain areas of interests sharper and more defined (like his left hand, the glare of light off the tuners on the head of the guitar, the reflection off his glasses, the set of his mouth)this should cause movement back and fourth to help the photograph more effectively engage the viewer.  A little more variety in sharpness would make the work more interesting.  Those are my thoughts.


I like the composition and the soft, slightly melancholy mood, the warmth of the foreground and coolness of the background. The forearm, overlapping the guitar, looks strange, not natural, and this is a distraction for me. Is the model airplane important to the narrative? If not, I might leave it out. I think a possible use for this image would be to sell yourself as a portraitist.

Hope this helps,


HI, I think that you might have fun trying to ad drama and different elements to your photos using different types of lighting instead of photoshop. There is actually more you can do with light that with photoshop alone. you dont even need expensive studio lights you can modify lights you already have in your home. One experiment i did before i finally got some studio lights was using the headlights on my truck at night for some dramatic low light portraiture, its a lot of fun !

Interesting idea, the truck lights. thanks.


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