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Architectural Abstraction #11, 46' X 46" x 1",
acrylic on shaped panel, started as a phone doodle

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It is a nice piece, perhaps reminiscent of early Frank Stella.  Once you break with the rect·an·gu·lar·i·ty of a traditional painting, a whole world of possibilities opens.  I might consider constructing the various elements separately and then assembling them into a whole in future works.

Thanks Ben

Hi Ray,

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For me the work is too clean. I would like to see the original doodle. Why a shaped panel?

Hi Ray, As soon as I opened it, I liked it. I like the bold colors, the contrast, the variety of shapes which are harmonious and which construct a solid composition.  It gives plenty for my eyes to play with, and keeps them circulating and exploring. Also it's happy. I get tired of sick or depressing art. I'll disagree with James on this one. Work doesn't have to be messy; it depends on what you're saying. I like that it's beautifully crafted.

Thanks Laurel, not to often do I get positive feedback on one of these pieces, too clean, not emotional enough, too many lines, too busy. 

i like the balance

I think it would make a great sculpture. Gavin

I'm not all that familiar with this type of work so if i'm completely off the point then forgive me. However, as a visual response - I think the shape is nice, a good contrast between smooth and angular shapes and the longer i look, the more i seem to be dragged into it, though something is stopping me from dropping right in... the blue criss-crossed section for example; there are nice slightly angled lines that make me feel drawn into that section but for me i would like to see much more angled lines that give more depth and almost give a sense of vertigo (if that makes sense!) and draw my eyes down into the sections below... Hope this helps and makes sense and is somewhere near the mark :)



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