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Hello Everyone,
My name is Coleen Ryan Rivera. I'v been signing my work Ryan Rivera for so long that I signed up here on A2A that way . Tried to change it, but for some reason it did'nt work. Hope that's not too confusing.
Been creative since I can remember. Always doodling, then drawing, onto pastels, watercolors, then onto oils , which is my present medium. Worked on silk for a short time.
I am interested working with encaustic. Anyone have any experience in that ? I am trying my hand at collages, thanks to Jay.
What really got me into art was a chance meeting with Willem De Kooning. My husband's family were in the Art Handling business in NYC. One day my hubby called from work and asked if I would like to accompany him to East Hampton. He was to deliver some stretchers to De Kooning studio, of course I said yes. Do not know why I thought he would not be there? Well, he was there. In fact he answered the door. A very pleasent man, he was suffering from Alzheimer's by then. We went into his studio. WOW, windows from ceiling to floor, perfect light. Three huge canvases on easels , he was working on all three at once. I absorbed the light ,the colors, the forms, what energy!!!! Though I was not fully aware of it at the moment , this was a life changing moment.
Started to take classes at a local museum. I have no formal training beyond that. For the most part I'm self taught.
One of my goals is to make art my full time "gig". I have a very flexible "day job". I've started on that path with Aletta De Wal. Had a very inspriring conversation with her and another artist Mary Williams last week. I encourge everyone to take advantage of her expertise.
I've had one solo show. Have had gallery represention for the last 4 years."Had" is the operative word.This gallery is closing at the end of June. Another victim of the economy. And just in time for my solo show, which was scheduled for July, to be canceled. OUCH! Oh well, carry on. But like the old cliche says "One door closes, another one opens". I happened to drop in at a gallery that I had attened an opening last summer. Just to take a look at what was happening there. The owner is very friendly. Chatted for a while and ended up making an appointment to look at my portfolio this past Friday. Good news I'll be exhibiting there in the 2010 season.
I'm a member of various art groups. I am working on a web site as we speak. On Facebook, and just joined Twitter, Thanks Angelia.

As for my style, it's abstract but not purely ,there is alot of represention .
I am endlessly fascinated by how our psychology is interwined with our biology. So you will see alot of inner body parts. I have also explored, and still am, the impact of lose , which unfortunately, I have had alot. I find that abstract is the best way for me to express those emotions.
I approach a blank canvas or paper with colors in mind. Begin with applying a color or two in a small section. Then start to draw, if you will, by using paint thinner as a medium,then continue on to the next section. This is what I call whatever happens, happens approach. Sometimes I sketch things out. I like to work for a time then walk away. Come back some time later and just stare at the work until it reveals what the next step or color to use. I enjoy that realm of being.
My influences are Wilfrado Lam, Roberto Matta, Paul Klee, Georgia O' Keeffe, just to name a few.
I am open to feed back since I do not have a web site yet. You can visit my page here on A2A and take a closer look
Look forward to talking to you all in the coming week.
"Art is neither a profession nor a hobby. Art is a Way of being"

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Thank you Kathrine
Yes , The pain expressed is emotional. Been working thru the sudden lose of two family members . In a short period of time.Have had many procedures to cure infertiliy. I understand about the body not forgetting. Alot of that pain is under the surface in my work. I don't have any medical background ,but have had more then enough people that I love battle cancer , and various other medical problems. And most of them have won the battle. Some how I absorb it all. Painting is a way for me to wring out the sponge. I always would like to bring the work into 3 d , but not sure how to.
Thank you for taking a look.
I have always believed that where there is a will there is a way. May the road ahead be smoother and in the moment may it be as it should be.
That is beautiful , Thank you so much.
Beautiful art, girl. I can definately see the Matta, Lam and O'Keeffe influence. As I've said before of your work, it has a very organic, yet machanical feel to it. Wonderful way of taking influence to the next level. Sorry, didn't mean to sound so cheesy. Haha. Your work is free and alive, babe.
Thanks Brain , Big :)
I would like to thank everyone who have participated this past week. Enjoyed it immensely !
I'm late getting this out but wanted to acknowledge your art and sharing your story with us....I do have a favorite and it's "Materscape"...the colors and shapes seem to relax against each other...almost a slow dance...and by the way I agree with Hundertwasser, one man has one name;when he has many names he is many persons.
I am a printmaker and painter and have been working with encaustics for about a year. Wow! How fortunate to meet William De Kooning. I can imagine his studio full of wonderful energy.Wecome to the world of self artist we are always teaching ourselves.
Congratulations on your solo exhibit...even though you may have to take it somewhere else...if you have it all completed you could check into renting a space for the exhibit.I do believe that when one door closes another just keep looking for open doors or maybe kick a few your art not your foot....and so it did!
I hope all goes well with your website, Mine keeps me from wagging around a portfolio.
I can relate to abstract being a way to express loss. Sometimes we just can't express any better than shapes, color and movement. I'm having a hard time with creating Abstract so I am going to borrow your technique to get started.
Thank you Juanne
I have never heard of an abstract artist describe there art with such meaning before. It truly brings a whole new look to your art and makes it much more meaningful. In my attempt to try to understand abstract art you gave me a whole new way to look at it (although I know each artist paints doesn't paint with this outlook) but trying to look at one of your paintings and trying to grasp the meaning, feeling of each piece of art is beautiful.

I am sorry this is coming so the end....I just wanted to make sure I was able to spend some time reading your articleand viewing your pics. They are truly lovely!


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