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Dickhead Cheney Abstract Art Mask

D*** Cheney

D*** or Dickhead as he s known to most of the World Cheney s is so full of hate and disinformation he s a fear mongering power happy torturing Twit This Humpty Dumpty Ass believes he s above the Law and can wipe his backside on the Constititon whenever he pleases One day the true story of 911 cover up will come to light Most Americans are going to be very surprised to find out it had nothing to do with these Arab Terrorist Scapegoates whom supposedly hijacked and crashed airliners into the World Trade Centers Pentagon But How come all or almost all the 911 terrorists are still alive No Unfortunately it sounds like another False Flag Operation Those Sneaky Bastards The Industrial Miltary Complex of Defense Contractors- Halliburton needed another Pearl Harbor to trick or scare the American people into supporting Iraq and Afghanistan Wars which helped pass the Patroit Act which steals more of our Liberties In Time History will show that CHENEY is an Evil DickHead whom needs to be punished possible Waterboarded Attacked by Dogs Striped Naked Testicles Shocked Although D*** deserves This Torture is completely inhumane and I DO NOT believe that this is right path for Americans Soldiers we need to lead by example respect enemy combatants and treat other civilian cultures with the dignity and respect that we'd expect if they were invading our country We used to be the Good Guys What Happened to US The only way to bring back American Pride is to hold these DICKs accountable Disrespectfully Cheney

The Banded Agate head is so humpty dumpty like His beady little eyes are actually Herkimer Diamonds as well as an additional Herkimer for his nose The mouth is a Rock Quartz Crystal from Arkansas tucked neatly into a cove with some Sterling Silver Wire Work as always

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