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From "Ipseity" Photoessay (series)

The borders drawn in our mind. Constructed identities fluctuating and flexible as water.

Layers that clothe and shape us or imprison us, reflections of our surroundings that we assimilate and mirroring as our own.

Variable identities, such as the clothes that cover our body, help us to adapt to the environment, to find our way, to recognise our uniqueness, nevertheless, when these fictitious identities are fixed, clothes become immovable skins, huge problems arise, we begin to dwell in a body suffocated by external and internal impositions acquired by relational habits.

The only escape lies in the search and encounter with the only invariable. A difference and essential uniqueness.

Ipseity, from where creativity can arise.

Ipseity is a term used in neuroscience and contemporary psychology to describe the vital experience without the trappings of constructed identities. Our nuclear conscious being.
A process of discovering layers of ornamentation and artificial clothing. An allegorical project on identity. When constructed identities constrain us instead of helping us adapt to new situations, and how the awareness of the "Ipseity" our nuclear being means a new experience from where creation can arise. A liberation.

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Portfolios: IPSEITY
Location: Spain, Mediterranean sea


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Comment by Beatriz Glez Sa on April 15, 2017 at 2:29pm

Thanks to you again, for continuing the dialogue with interesting contributions.  Hopefully the mystery let open the images to several reflections and opiniones on the matter… 

It is very interesting your mention of the castration of Uranus, as a conflict that gives birth to "beauty and love", it’s certainly interesting and a good point to meditate. It seems that, Aphrodite represents a type of love and beauty determined sublime and at the same time, the opposited, fickle and vain, that is glimpsed by the later histories. Aphrodite will send her son Eros to kill Psyche, (envious of her beauty) and that is the beginning of the myth of “Eros and Psyche”, in which I find myself working on the final edition, at the moment, the variation and complexity of the mythological characters are fascinating although a deeper study is necessary, in spite of it, I hope that only the surface (my projects) can draw interesting dialoges about the myths that have shaped our culture and have shaped us as well, also the fact that some ideas and representations still remain among us today..

I really appreciated  your ratings and observations, I look forward to your next project and read your expert opinion again. 

Comment by Resident Curator on April 14, 2017 at 7:35am

Thank you so much for responding, and engaging in more dialog about this evocative series. While you initially provided a good deal of insight into your ideas for the work, and expand on that further below, the images maintains a good bit of mystery. 

I also find the birth of Venus myth fascinating in its unflinching premise that love and beauty come from conflict (castration in the case of Aphrodite).

Seeding this story in a contemporary context, as you set forth, is ripe with interpretation.  I do look forward to spending more time with your work.

Comment by Beatriz Glez Sa on April 13, 2017 at 11:34am

Thank you Mss Kristen T Woodward for taking the time on comenting my artwork. 

Your professional comments are enriching and highly relevant for me.

Certainly the opposition of the human being to nature is undoubtedly a problem that I try to address in my work in general, mythology, as an imagined  social organization normative applied to real societies, is certainly a constant proof of the human modification of nature, the The birth of Venus, which symbolically emerges from the foam of the sea, is one of the first characters of my series on mythology, where I try to review those myths that have been repeated prolifically, in the history of western art mainly, and that Botichelli, a man of his time, represents in coherence with his era. A need for revision and awareness of these representations is necessary in order to change this iconography to another more pertinent with contemporary social organization and the new roles of race, gender, and social hierarchies or their progressive disappearance of itselves or at least its importance in our society.

I hope to count on your opinion on the developing of these projects.

I truly appreciate your visit and professional input.

Kind regards


Comment by Resident Curator on April 12, 2017 at 1:15pm

Curator’s Comment:


These underwater figures are gorgeously suspended in their aquatic world- I’m drawn to Nacimiento Venus as she floats between reality and the subconsciously submerged; art history and contemporary culture.  As her individual features are obscured by the ethereal blue waters she is transformed into an archetypal Venus. Her gesture and diaphanous veils recall Botticelli’s rendition of the iconic myth.  The text you’ve included which accompanies these works provides excellent context for the milieu, along with contemplative ideas about constructed identities and feminine eroticism.  To this end, I’m also enamored with the piece in the Ipseity series of a woman appearing to swim after an orange garment.  The movement is dynamic and fluid, while the colors glow with full chromatic saturation.  The complementary hue contrast between the dominant orange and blue hues for me also sets the figure apart from her environment, as if nature and culture were never intended to coalesce. 

Resident Curator Views

Ms Kristen T. Woodward critiques of members art.


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