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Their appearance is to resemble flying whales. Levian wraiths when healthy are a symbol of the feeling of freedom from negative emotion. That being said, they are the only known creatures able to liberate and be immune to the control of shaddow (symbol for negitive emotions/thoughts enduced by nature of the person thinking them). However, levian wraiths are very vulnerable to decay (a symbol for negitive emotions/ thoughts caused by external situations) and so can be taken over and turned into rotting monsters which destroy the fields.
When young, they have six eyes. At adulthood, those eyes group into two. Then at an elder's age, they loose their eyes and grow to be giant serpentine whales. A select few grow tusks when they become elders.

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Comment by Resident Curator on July 29, 2012 at 1:24pm

Curator’s Comment:  


It’s taken me a long time to digest your illustrations, in part because of the complex narrative that accompanies each piece.  But as stand along drawings and paintings, they’re also densely packed with line and detail, and Fauvistic color- Levian Wraiths at Sunrise is a prime example.  The high chroma yellow color moving throughout the work exudes a cautionary mood, or references dangerous natural phenomena, as in the yellow-green associated with organic poison.  I see the animal head on the extreme right as dog-like, with its snout projecting into and threatening the space of the smaller seated creature.  The flame-like brushstrokes are particularly effective in communicating danger and impending destruction, without actually showing physical violence between the animated figures.  I also respond to the drawing quality in the piece titled God of the Closed-face Community.  The hatched lines are careful, but appropriately nervous and anxious. Without color, the work still evokes a highly fantastical quality.  But I do find the ‘god’ depicted as slightly less than menacing- the body almost forming a human hand with severed, but requisite, appendages. While the imminent peril of the small figure with raised arms is questionably, the overall effect is still disturbing.

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