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Comment by Marc VanDermeer on April 12, 2023 at 2:59pm

Artificial Light is a series of images that use landscape photographs with digital painting overlay. The series was started in 2021 and is now in the finishing stages. I shot all the photos with an M- OM-D mark lll mirrorless camera.
Abstract Expressionism has heavily influenced my past, and I was accepted to the Philadelphia College of Art(PCA) as a painter in 1971. After the mandatory foundation year at Art School, I changed my major to Film/Photography. The photography department was headed by the late renowned photographer Ray K Metzker. Who was known for his assembled film strips' and abstract photography? One of his tenants was the use of negative space in black and white photography. The series explores the concept of visual energy between positive and negative space by digitally painting graphic shapes on the image to manifest another element of artificial space. I've chosen colors to balance the composition and create harmony with the background image. In Artificial Light 1,2,3), I used an algorithm and filters to create directional movement.
The image titled 'Three Pears is characterized by the interplay between positive and negative space. The painted overlay appears as a double exposure resulting in visual, kinetic energy that animates the compositions. However, the painted light emanating from the three pears creates a halo of positive space, making a negative space around the halo. This contrast between positive and negative space creates a sense of tension and movement that draws the viewer's eye into the composition. In other pieces, I've used colorful geometric lines and shapes over attractive landscapes to break up the space and move the eye.
Overall, the photographic style of the series exemplifies the power of positive and negative, redefining our definitions, thus creating visual energy and dynamics. My goal is to create visually striking and emotionally engaging art while exploring how we define positive and negative space.

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