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To me? They have never laid hands on me, but yes, they have said to me fat, gross, ugly, little thing, ignorant, that I do not clean clothes, that my food tastes like burnt fish that my hair looks like wire, that I look like have 7 months of pregnancy ... But you know what? Let all the neighbors know, friends, family and even the Pastor of the Church ... I can not take it anymore, I leave everything that overwhelms me and I start again. I will begin loving myself, searching and finding in me what I have never been able to find outside ... LOVE.

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Comment by Gliser Fuentes Mena on March 29, 2018 at 1:54am

Thank you very much Ms Kristen T, for taking a trip through my art work and discovering in each texture, color and shape a path that leads us to a door where we can imagine a future full of light and love. Your words are very motivating and full of extreme sensitivity.

Comment by Resident Curator on March 5, 2018 at 12:23pm

Curator’s Comments: 


I’m Done resonates with the sadness expressed in the accompanying narrative statement about the work.  The figure with her back turned away from the viewer embodies psychological frustration and defeat, and allows us entry into her somber environment. While it is a little difficult for me to make out the complexity within all of the items on the left side of the painting, the lilies rising up from the discarded items in contrast express hope and resolve.  They fall back into the flat floral pattern of the wall, but also connect to the lily in the figure’s hand on the extreme right.  The doorway, while dividing the picture plane in almost equal halves, also leads us to a needed emotional escape.

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