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Installation 2013 November - It's been a busy season and the fun has just begun. My next project, here on Lincoln Road, is Art Basel/Miami Beach and preparations are already underway. Since you last stopped by my studio, I've transformed it once again and am currently working on a new, large installation like the one you see here on the left. I should have it completed by later this week or early next.

A few years ago, I did a painting on sheer fabric where the paint was pushed all the way through to the surface behind it. I loved the results, so did everyone who saw it in the exhibition, "Homework", at the Richard Shack Gallery.

Just recently I was in a NYC gallery where an exhibition had already been hung but to keep things "under wrap" until the opening, the artist had put fabric in front of her paintings to partially obscure them. The whole look was so wonderful and I was disappointed to hear that the fabric was not a part of the work. You could only see some of the painting underneath and because of this, it offered an air of mystery and the unknown. That reminded me to return to work on the fabric layers when I got back to my studio.

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Comment by Wendy Coad on November 6, 2013 at 10:12am

Thank you for your insightful comments. Originally I did plan them as stand alone because that's how I created the first one, which I exhibited a couple of years ago. Once I re-started this project, the more divers I painted, the more they reinforced the lyrical qualities of the material. Also, the free-fall is a powerful image with many layers of meaning. I have to say that to see them lined up, and moving ever so slightly, has a captivating effect. I plan to fill the installation space so the viewer can "dive in" as well. Actually, there are 2 images to each panel, and because one is hung a few inches in front of the other, a 3-dimentional effect is created. You become even more aware of it when the fabric slightly moves, so I refer to them as my "Moving Pictures". The format here does refer back to the monochromatic faces you mentioned. Those images really freed me to further explore the impact of an elongated vertical plane.  I've just done a video to capture the motion and will post once edits are done.

Comment by Resident Curator on November 6, 2013 at 9:19am

Curator’s Comment:


This is a fantastic installation in progress, though I could ultimately see the long swathed panels as stand-alone individual works.  The singular diver form wonderfully complements your other pieces containing swimmers and floating allegorical characters.  Diaphanous and sheer, the fabric formally underscores the light fluctuating movement in the gestural brushwork.  I enjoyed hearing about your initial encounter in a gallery with draped work; the inspiration suggests further exploratory possibility. I imagine multiple images on layered interfacing, and am wondering if this is also what you have in mind. This could be especially generative with a multi-figure or scene narrative, as evidenced in your other multi-subject compositions. Your alternate installation of the large monochromatic brown sienna faces seems to take the large scale sectioned format in a different direction. While they have an incredibly strong presence when viewed cohesively, filling the pictorial space eliminates the delicate fragility of the paper support. But I find the dripped water marks keep the line quality sensitively expressive within the bold graphic impact.

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