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Solar plate etching from my "knotted up " series which reflects the inner emotions
This plate are 10" x 8"

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Comment by Karleen Loughran on December 27, 2020 at 5:02pm

I really like the way you put that, "the sweeping lines in this image evoke winds of change and one's momentary inability to compensate".  So well put and I do agree with you, thank you!  

Comment by Resident Curator on July 27, 2020 at 7:49pm

Curator's Comments:


Thank you for posting this mesmerizing new work.  I’m struck by the formal power of these non-objective pieces to communicate a personal state of confusion and chaos.  The small amount of narrative text you provided certainly guides the viewing experience, but I sensed the tension in the prints before reading the statement. I’m particularly enamored with State of Confusion. In addition to the anxious strain of the scribbled white lines against the inky black ground, another organic form appears to press down and weigh heavily on the thin lines in the tangled space underneath.  The solar plate printing process, and the tiny “random” etched elements that occur in the brushing of the emulsion prove an unexpected foil to the diverging linework. The circular shapes drawn in the two respective and opposing sections further set up a visual dialogue and contrast. While I enjoy the meditative blocks of knotted up lines in the related prints, the sweeping lines in this image evoke winds of change and one’s momentary inability to compensate.


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