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My art makes the invisible visible.
Always near/er to the (he)art of Creation,

but never close enough, yet....

Slideshows of work uploaded 13 and 14 March

Links to videos of my paintings at YOU TUBE

The human mind treats smaller paintings as if it is looking AT an object or a thing such as a table or chair ,
but larger works are experienced (like installations) as if one is part of them and participate in them.
Now that you know this please do not treat these images as if they
are just more objects or things you look AT,
but experience and participate in them.

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Comment by Resident Curator on December 27, 2012 at 3:44pm

Curator's Comments:

Experiencing these works on a digital computer monitor no doubt detracts from the sensory experience of being enveloped or overcome by an object in space by it's sheer scale and haptic totality.  But I would contend there is an equivocal  intimacy in viewing images on a smaller platform.  I always prefer to experience artwork in person if giving the option, but while some conceptual and formal aspects are forfeited in space and translation, not all is lost.  I see a wonderful manipulation of color and organic surface manipulation in this still picture. Amorphous clouds of pigment come up against more defined biomorphic edges in a fluid interplay between occupied and unoccupied space.  I also detect a rhythmic horizontal movement, or shift, in color temperature and saturation. The pale yellow-green on the left deepens into a blue gray veil. As suggested by the accompanying narrative, the piece itself speaks to the distance that must remain between corporeal form and the primal desire ( the heart) of creation; breathing life into inanimate form.  In some manner we, as artists, all wrestle with the space in between.

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