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About Gallery of Life

This is the biggest project I've ever done. It's like everything I've learned in my life is crystallizing now into painting a set of interior murals, within huge boxes. I feel inspired and compelled to make it happen and am open to whatever it takes to make it real - hard work, long hours, inspiration, struggling with it when I'm tired, not giving up. Think of it as a one year of a "live" art exhibition being created to encourage more understanding of ourselves as human beings living on this complicated and glorious earth spinning miraculously through the cosmos.

With your help I can take it from my head and heart into reality

What is it?

The project is "Gallery of Life," which will be 5 related murals painted within 5 10' x 10' by 8' boxes built just as a room in a house is with wood framing and two doorways, only these rooms/boxes will be covered by canvas. The effect will be like "walking through the paintings."

The first room is "Birth," which will be simple and beautiful, with the phrase "You are the golden child, female or male, born into this world with a purpose." It will be an imagined place in which the viewer is born into the world for the first time, to perceive life with fresh eyes. The next room will be "Spring," which will depict life from age 0-20 with the real and the surreal and more complicated and intense, then "Summer," age 21-40, "Fall," age 41-60, and "Winter," age 61- .

The floors will all be a continuous river, with walking pathways for viewers, to remind the viewer of another phrase on one of the birth room walls, "We are like drops of water from one great waterfall - all one, then individual drops as we live our lives, then one again." The ceilings will be sky.

In addition to the murals I paint on the inside of the boxes, the outside of the boxes will be plywood painted with different colors as a background for anyone to draw or write their reaction to Gallery of Life. Paint pens will be available for interactive art to open up creativity and participation to everyone.

Why am I creating it and what is it about?

Because I feel that it might open up the hearts and minds of anyone who sees it and that it will be a one of a kind experience to "walk into" a painting, to be surrounded by a continuous painting. It will be art that anyone can relate to whether they know anything about art or not because it will be understood by anyone experiencing it in their own way.

Centuries ago art elevated everyday life with a connection to something more than survival and business as usual, especially murals. I'm not saying I'm as good as Bruegel, Hieronymus Bosch or Diego Rivera, but that's how I picture these murals, only set in the era of 2010. We may not think our time is special, but it is as important as any other time. Art has the power to reveal the magic of now.

I include surreal images as well as realistic images within each painting because I feel that what we see in "reality" is not all that's happening. There's more to everyday reality and surreal or magical images can make us stop and think or to look more closely.

When the first wall is done (in about one or two months from renting the actual space), I plan on opening the Gallery of Life to anyone wanting to watch me paint and to ask questions about the project. I feel that interaction is part of the reason to make art "live." It also promotes a greater awareness about the creative process which encourages support for all artists.

To pledge to this project and to get it up and running, go to ; This funding runs only until June 27, 2010 when this project will be fully funded if all goes well.

Many thanks for your support!

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